MoreCore.org promotes core fitness and functional training as a means to help you optimize sports performance, prevent injury, and maximize your enjoyment of living. It is a production of TeamHuman.org.

MoreCore.org will showcase core strengthening tips and encourage you all to NOT neglect your core fitness. In addition to promoting the idea that we could all use more core fitness, this site features other types of strength training that build on a strong core and which foster better balance & sport-specific strength for activities like swimming, biking, and running.

Here’s a quick intro to core exercises to get you started.

Your feedback is very welcome so feel free to comment at will (spam-free of course). Let us know your favorite core exercises, websites, videos, trainers, etc. Tweeting types might also want to keep tabs on the associated twitter feed: http://twitter.com/More_Core

Who owns those abs? The ab-shot for this website is the torso of Steve Trutane, founder of TeamHuman.org and multi-sport enthusiast (triathlete) who has found that a solid core serves him well across many different life activities, helps prevent injury and avoid debilitating conditions such as sciatica that he has battled on and off for ~20 years.

Steve leads a free core workout monthly in the SF Bay Area. Anyone in the area that is interested in improving their core strength and functional fitness is invited.

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