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Too much core?

August 19, 2012 2 comments

Ask yourself: Do you really need the core of a pro body builder?

Today unveils it’s new tagline:

Because you can do more with a strong core.

The former slogan:

Because there’s no such thing as ‘too much core’

was catchy, but didn’t adequately capture the motivation for this website. On top of that, it’s wrong! We don’t all need the mega-core of a professional bodybuilder, for example.

Core training is indeed a good thing and many of us don’t do as much as we should. But like anything in life, it is possible to overdo it based on your current fitness level and risk injury. It’s just human nature to dive in above our heads, especially for exercise enthusiasts & weekend warriors.

So the new slogan plays less into these gonzo tendencies we have and instead highlights the positive results from having solid core strength: improved sports performance and injury prevention.

The “more” in “” therefore signifies the following:

  • MORE than just six pack abs – think “whole pillar“: torso, hips, glutes, shoulders, spine
  • MORE than just core strength but functional training, too
  • MORE efficiency and power in your favorite sports
  • MORE injury prevention
  • MO BETTA‘ physical functioning in your real-world daily life
  • Do MORE for your core, but have a goal so you known how much is enough

More For Your Core…

Most of us likely can profit from adding more core & functional fitness to our exercise routines — just how much more is a matter of our fitness goals and current training. Regardless, be cautious and gradual when adding new moves or bumping up the intensity. Go with more reps before adding weight and pay utmost attention to proper form.

As always, listen to your body when something doesn’t feel right.

Sometimes, less is more. 🙂